Short Essay on Inerrancy and Inspiration

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Short Essay on Inerrancy and Inspiration

Millions of people worldwide read the Bible and use it for our worship of the Lord, instructions on how to live a moral life, and for guidance. Most people are naturally curious about why the Bible was written and who it was written by. People wonder if we can trust the words of the Bible since God didn’t actually put pen to paper and write the book. The Bible was written by authors who were inspired to write by God. One question that a lot of people ask is how do we know the Bible whether or not the Bible is true and from God. What does it mean to say that the Bible has authority, and from where does the authority of the Bible come from? To put it simply if
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Proof for bible inerrancy, which I would present to a non-believer, are the many historically accurate facts and stories that have been found in the Bible. The weakest argument for inerrancy in the Bible is the slippery slope argument because “the Slippery Slope argument. While this argument may be true, that a "denial of inerrancy starts one down a slope that is slippery,"7 it is by no means a substantial argument to base one's belief of inerrancy” (Elwell, 2001)
The relationship between inspiration and inerrancy are important because the Bible was inspired by God. All of the words written by every single author are important because they are from God. The words are accurate and trust worthy because they are from God. You simply cannot have one of these details be true without the other being true also.
I hold the views on the inspiration and inerrancy of the Bible as the truth, so I follow those truths in my life. I believe in God and in his word, so if there is a time when I need guidance about a situation, I trust that I can look to the Bible and to Lord for my answers. I trust the Bible to be true and accurate to God’s word, so I know that I will not be led astray, or in the wrong direction.
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