Short Film Analysis: 'Good Vibrations'

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At first one member witnesses a strange occurrence in which a paving block vibrates on a sidewalk at the same time a nearby worker is using a jack hammer. As the first man crosses the shaking block he falls which gathers a laugh from the office worker. The laugh eventually attracts more people to view the scene which eventually becomes a crowd. The clip shows the organization from the outside with many of its members watching the scene from different floors of their office.
The crowd watches as walkers fall from the vibrating block one by one and each time the crowd chuckles. However, the mood suddenly changes as an elderly man approaches the stone. As the elderly man approaches the stone an employee rushes to open a window to shout out a warning to an elderly man who was about to encounter the loose brick but acts to late. However, the elderly man actually likes the vibrating stone because it has some counteractive effect on his shaking. When he is off the block, he shakes naturally but when he is standing on the block then this seems to go away and he seems to actually enjoy it. Yet the elderly man sees a young boy approaching and quickly grabs a road barricade and covers the…
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