Short Film It's A Date By Zachary Zezima

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Can sweetness override weirdness in this story of the desire to be connected?
Thanks to this highly technological world we live in, there is always something to do, something to watch or someone to meet. There are countless dating apps where all one must do is swipe right to possibly meet their perfect match. In this seven minute short film It’s A Date, by Zachary Zezima, we find two people on that very journey. While Zezima admits his short film is somewhat based on a true story from a friend of his, he takes the moments deeper using creative license to make the story fuller.
The first few seconds of the film happen in a way that makes the audience think it will have a greater impact than it does. The male character (Tim Brown) is driving in his car on the way to meet the female character (Angela Stempel) but he gets held up. By the time he makes it to his date the female is already there and waiting. They make small talk for a few minutes and you really start getting the feel and tone of the piece. The scenes are a delight to watch. Not only for their neon color pallets, but because of what is illustrated while they are
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Whether watching this film with the dialogue or not, a viewer can put together the story line. The style and movements are just as unsure as our characters. The way the pictures flick and progress really builds the overall tension in the film. Voice actors Stempel and Brown perfect first date jitters in their performances. Think back on the last first date you went on. What did you talk about? Did you fake laugh to make the other person feel comfortable? As you watch the short tell me you couldn’t feel the nerves practically bouncing off them. The way the conversation jumps from topic to topic seems fluid, but we all know dead air on a first date is a bad omen. The timing of the dialogue with the action of the animation further set you in the story being
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