Short Happy Life Of Francis Macomber

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In Hemingway's short story “Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber,” Hemingway uses writer’s technique of perspective to show readers the characterization of the three main protagonists in this story. Hemingway creates a multi-part claim using perspective as well as dialogue to readers a pervasive, negative tone carried throughout the story. Wilson, Margaret, and Macomber are characterized by multiple perspectives with multiple aspects to their characters.

To begin, you can see that Mr.Wilson is very experienced when it comes to his job. Mr. Wilson also is very judgmental, but later on he makes makes his judgements positive.In page one, Hemingway uses third person perspective to show Mrs.Macomber’s view of Mr.Wilson's experience through
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Macomber describes Francis as a coward, she says this in here thoughts, “ ...and had just shown himself, very publicly, to be a coward.” Hemingway uses Margaret's internal dialogue to show her feelings about Francis’s cowardness. Margaret compares Francis to Mr.Wilson before she states that Francis is a coward, she say, “He was dressed in the same sort of safari clothes that Wilson wore except that his were new, he was thirty-five years old, kept himself very fit, was good at court games, had a number of big-game fishing records,”(Pg.2). Hemingway uses Margaret's perspective to let readers see the difference in man like experiences between Wilson and Francis.Also, Francis proves that he lacks experience because he is a coward.Francis didn’t want to finish off the lion, so Francis says, “Can’t we send beaters?(Pg.11) Francis dialogue with Mr.WIlson shows that he lacks experience with big game hunting because all he really know what to do is fish, which is told by Mrs.Macomber in page two. Francis keeps coming up with different ideas so that he doesn't have to go out and kill this lion. Hemingway use in first person perspective helps characterizes Francis in this lion scene because it gives a multi-global claim of Francis being a coward. Although, Francis is a coward at the beginning, he later changes his confidence that transforms his character.Mr.Wilson and Margaret both notice Francis’s character shift, but only Wilson is happy about it. Mr. Wilson called Francis a “fire eater” to show Francis’s excitement build, and Margaret is afraid of Francis’s confidence. Margaret tries to tear down Francis because she knows he will leave her. Hemingway use both Wilson and Margaret to show two different feelings for Francis. Francis cowardness was finally depleted because he went beyond his fear, and Hemingway uses this change in character to change other character's
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