Short Report - Direct Marketing/Case Study - Segmentation

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1a. Develop brief profiles for Richard’s target market Since their beginning, Richard’s Hobby and Sports Store rely on customer relationship, fulfilling their wants and needs has been their goal, such as after a few years in the market they have segmented their business into Hobby and Sports Goods. The first step to understand their clients is segmenting and identifying customer’s attributes such as demographics, geographic, psychographics or behavioural, using as source of information: internal (case study/intuitive) and secondary data researched on Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) and marketing textbooks. Hobby Goods Customers Profile | DEMOGRAPHICS | | Age | 15 to 50+ (users and/or buyers) | Gender | Male and Female…show more content…
Narrowing bonds (emotional, social, lifetime value) with customers is the most effective way to achieve the store marketing goal and increase his market share. Social and benefits programs such as above reaches better visibility and perception from local and national customers, strengthening the turnover of his business.
For a better illustration, check information bellow:
According to Nielsen’s 2010 State of the Nation Report, an overwhelming 70 per cent of Australians believed the state of their personal finances was positive; and 59 per cent (the highest score globally) claimed the next 12 months was an excellent or good time to buy the things they want and need.
According to the 2008-09 MPHS, 72% of Australian households had home internet access and 78% of households had access to a computer. Between 1998 to 2008-09, household access to the internet at home has more than quadrupled from 16% to 72%, while access to computers has increased from 44% to 78%.
According the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the number of people aged 15-64 years (working age population) increased by 1.6% (or 237,700 persons) in the year ended 30 June 2010.


2a. The difference between a database and a mailing list At the time Richard developed his catalogue sale, he collected a few informations about store’s customers: title (Mr, Mss, Dr), name and address; which could help him

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