Short Responses to Prompts on Barbara Kingsolver's Books

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Student first and last names Course title and number Professor's name Due date Short Responses to Prompts Prompt #1 The final words of Steingraber are "And then we feed our babies." (2001, 938) This implies that we have some responsibility to feed our children. Our decisions regarding what we eat do not just affect ourselves, but they also affect our progeny. The final section of this essay is regarding the cycles of life and how organisms on Earth are connected to each other by various processes, including evaporation, biodegradation, death, and consumption. Human beings are not isolated creatures whose actions have consequences that are limited to themselves and limited to the humans of a specific generation. Consumption and diet are important issues that illustrate clear connections between all humans, all other creatures on Earth, and all aspects of the Earth itself, such as the land, air, and oceans. Her final words imply that after all of these amazing and ongoing processes of which we are a part, our next and perhaps greatest challenge lies in our own procreation and the sustaining of healthy, future generations. Kingsolver leaves readers with "Looking out on a clean plank of planet earth, we can get shaken right down to the bone by the bronze-eyed possibility of lives that are not our own." (2002, 947) This quote, like the other quote, is looking and thinking about the future, and about lives beyond those who are alive right now. This quote is additionally

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