Short Screening Tool Used For Evaluate Alcohol And Drug Use Among Adolescents

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*Short screening tool used to evaluate alcohol and drug use among adolescents and to help determine need for a more thorough assessment.
*Can be self-administered and/or used in interview with patient
*Part A has 13 questions that pertain to drug use history.
*Part B has 14 questions that cover alcohol and drug use.
*This tool is a combined revision of two other scales: the Adolescent Alcohol Involvement Scale (AAIS) by (Mayer & Filstead, 1979, Moberg, 1983) and the Adolescent Drug Involvement Scale (ADIS) by (Moberg & Hahn, 1991) that was developed in 2000 by Dr. Paul Moberg, who is affiliated with the University of Wisconsin-Madison (Moberg, 2005).
*The combined tool is advantageous over other screening tools for a variety of reasons: simplifies and reduces repetition of content, combines alcohol and drug questions alleviating the social and legal stigma of drugs relative to alcohol possible reducing the “false negative rate of a drug only screen”, includes a grid that ascertains history of use prior to questions related to consequences of use, updated/correct terminology, and preserves original scoring structures (Moberg, 2005).
*The AAIS in its original form was initially “developed and validated as an operational definition of adolescent alcohol involvement” (Mayer & Filstead, 1979); however there were flaws in its use such as not addressing “age-specific norms”.
*The ADIS was developed in the 1980’s to study adolescents undergoing substance abuse treatment.
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