Short Sotry: The Story of Mr. Abney

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Abney was found in his chair, his head thrown back, his face stamped with an expression of rage, fright and mortal pain. In his left side was a terrible lacerated wound, exposing the heart. There was no blood on his hands, and a long knife that lay on the table was perfectly clean. A savage wild-cat might have inflicted the injuries. The window of the study was open, and it was the opinion of the coroner that Mr. Abney had met his death by the agency of some wild creature. But Stephen Elliot's study of the papers I have quoted led him to a very different conclusion.
‘Lost Hearts,' is a lesser tale that is not a typical one from M.R. James. The tale kicks off with an old country house being described. This country house is named Answarby Hall in Lincolnshire. We see a young boy called Stephen Elliot travelling towards the house. The boy is orphaned and has just been offered a home by Mr. Abney, his older cousin. This is a surprise as My Abney is known to be a Pagan and a Professor of the Greek at Cambridge University. He has no interest in the children. This situation presents an irony. On welcoming the boy, Abney asks about his age twice in a span of a few minutes. This leaves both Stephen and the readers perturbed as to whether it is eccentricity. On settling, Steven questions the workers in the house about Mr. Abney (James 14). The two servants, Mr. Parkes and Mr. Bunch, tell Steven of how kind the professor is, even giving him an example of other two children that he…
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