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Hello Everybody!I am Jerry!
Hello Everybody!I am Sunny!Today we will talk about boardgames-transformation from old to new.
The definition of “ board games ” is what?
According to Longman Dictionary,Any of many games, for example chess, in which ( Continue ) small pieces are moved around the board with a pattern on it are called boardgames.
Oh, by the way, do you know which one is the oldest board game?
The oldest board game is around 3500 BC ( Continue )
And is called Senet.
And here is a picture about it.
Do you play older board games?
Yes,I do.There are a lot of older board games,for example,
and Xiangqi.
Also,there are modern boardgames,
Some of them are luck-based.
That means,they usually have dices to control your actions.
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Unless every card shows Success,the spy team got 1 point.This go on until on team get 3 points.
It seems that it is a really hard game, isn’t it?
Yes, you’re right. The last type of board games is the challenged board games. One of the example of this type of board games is Legends Of The Three Kingdoms.
It has both advantage and disadvantage. For its advantage, It has a fully drawn characters and a well-defined rules, allowing for better gameplay and more experience of the game.
However, its disadvantage is It’s content are fully obscene and the content are violent. Also, this game promotes harassing and bullying of newbies. Moreover, this game IS a copy of Bang! which IS a copyright violation.
Wow! That’s a lot of information! However, I don’t want to play with myself… So what should I do?
There are many board game clubs around us.There are online forums,for example BoardGameGeek.
Also,if you want to play board game online,you can visit Board Game Arena.
Well, there’re more and more board game clubs which are near to you! Come and join those clubs! I’m sure you’ll enjoy
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One is the Boardgame Group the you can see on your Extracurricular Activities form.
The second one that you can join is the social worker’s boardgame group. It starts on 7th of October.
Also, there will be one in the English Room at Left Quarters on Mondays,Tuesdays and Thursdays.
To conclude our presentation, Board game originated from the old and to the present.
Modern boardgames have diversity and are filled with fun.
Board game clubs are widely found.
But some of the board games are victorious and will lead people in a vicious cycle.
Thus we have to have self-consciousness to filter out ‘bad’ games.
That’s almost the end of our presentation. Before the end, we would like to have a Q&A section.
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us, just raise up your hands, let us notice you and you can ask us directly! Wait for about 20 sec.
( Remark: Have questions, answer. If no, continue)
Well, that’s the end of our presentation.
Thank you for listening and we really hope that you will like our sharing on the topic: board games. Once again, thank you very much for

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