Short Speech On Ergonomics

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Good day everyone / I am happy to share with you today an overview of ergonomics / This overview is going to be especially useful as an introduction to the exciting and interesting field that is called ergonomics or human factors / For those taking the module, there will be a lot of materials that we will cover and they are highly relevant to the work place / Let me take you through the beginning of your journey / I will be your learning facilitator and my name is Harris Shah Abdul Hamid.
If you are wondering what is ergonomics, you are not alone / many people in Malaysia, including many work organisations, are not fully aware of ergonomics and how it could contribute to improve work conditions / In later videos, we will also see how ergonomics
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Large scale industrialisation changed the way people perform work. Mass productions, on the other hand, means the products are being redesigned to meet the needs of a larger consumer base. With the rapidly changing computer technology, a whole new set of ergonomics issues arise. Nowadays, computer is much pervasive than before. Ergonomics are needed to design new ways of communicating and working. The domain of ergonomics applications are expanding, and I do believe you do have a role to play in improving ergonomics, and improving human quality of life.

In Malaysia, the uptake of ergonomics may be at a lower level than the industrialised nations. In my opinion, there are three areas where ergonomics interventions can make a difference to the lives of Malaysians. First, a demographic trend shows that the population is getting older. There are a greater percentage of the elderly now, and the number is projected to rise. The needs of the elderly to maintain a healthy lifestyle should be understood clearly to design proper intervention.
The second area is agricultural ergonomics. Even though industrialisation is an important national agenda, the contribution of the agriculture sector to the economy is still important. Malaysia’s agriculture sector could benefit from ergonomics to develop a competitive advantage for its products, either for internal or external
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