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The dark place

Supper was always at six o’clock. Our one meal of the day, the highlight of our day. One stale slice of bread and one small pot of cold rice some suspected wasn’t even rice. A cup of water was also allowed to aid in washing down the miniscule amount of putrid food. Drinking the water thought could cause typhus. Supper was never a sufficient amount of food but it kept us breathing and denied us the energy we needed to attempt or even plan an escape. That was all the guards really wanted. Supper lasted around fifteen minutes although no one had a watch to properly time it. No one even knew what month it was; we just guessed it was autumn.

Once supper had finished a rather brutish guard in a
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He was a tall, terrifying, tyrant of a man who terrorized even the most experienced prisoners. Behind him two feeble guards would follow nervously with their heads down like dogs on leashes. He would strut around and every so often he would point one of his muscular fingers at a bewildered prisoner who would then be beaten savagely until unconscious. Another guard would then drag of this unlucky prisoner to the dark place.

No one spoke much of it from fear of the prison commander’s fingers but everyone heard the sadistic whispers. Rumors spread like wildfire in such a close confined space with so many bored men. At first everyone thought that the men were taken to the shooting range but that idea was dismissed due to the fact that no one had heard the easily recognizable sharp shriek of a gunshot. Next a rumor spread that it was a transport by bus to another prison further to the north. But this idea was dismissed due to the fact that the only main road went straight past the rusty barbed wire perimeter fence. The real dark truth was revealed some months later. An inmate managed to bribe a guard and uncovered the truth about where the prisoners were taken. The answer was shocking.

It was a solitary confinement but not one like any other. It was a stone room or really box in which one man could just fit when crouching. It was barely enough room for a pig, the entrance was a thick metal door with a
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