Short Stories Based Women From The York Correctional Institution Essay

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Couldn’t keep it to Myself, by Wally Lamb was a series of short stories based women from the York Correctional Institution. Wally Lamb is an american writer who comes to York Correctional Institution to do workshop with the women and what he seen from their writing changed his inter perceptions. In which, lead Wally to take his students writings and compile them into making the book Couldn 't keep it to Myself. Couldn’t keep it to Myself, has thirteen chapters about a different inmate in the workshop.Wally Lamb wrote the first chapter, and it provides background information.At frist Wally did not want to vol unteer at York Correctional Institution,but the more he showed up, the closter he got with the women.He starts learing the women stories of being in prison through their writtings and how the misconceptions of inmates and their real story behind the jailsail. Being inspired by their writing, Wally Lamb decides to come up with the money to help publish the women autobiography. When Wally took the book to one of his publishing friends, she offer to publish the book for him after reading one of the women story. Wally hopes that this book will help people abandon their biases. There are things that everyone should know about prisoners and prisons. There are hearts and minds around the world that need to be opened. That is his purpose for this Wally Lamb book. Moreover, the next eleven chapters are stories from the inmates who have taken part in Wally workshop. While
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