Short Stories

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Elizabeth Smith
ENG 125 Introduction to Literature
Ashford University
April 24, 2012
Instructor: Benjamin Daw

When learning the ropes of literature you must pay close attention. My understanding to literary themes is going beyond what the title to the short story is. The short story theme I am going conduct on is “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’ by James Thurber (1973). In this short story the literary elements being used is plot and symbols and the theme being full of distractions and disruption. The narrator is giving a third person point of view in sharing the thoughts of the characters. Walter Mitty the daydreamer is very humorous in the different plots of his drifting off.
In the start of the story the plot, symbols,
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Shortly Mitty awakened and continued down the street, remembering his wife’s list. After completing the list Mitty he rested in the chair in the lobby at the hotel, and was reading the paper that said “Can Germany Conquer the World through the Air? Stirring at the pictures of the bombing planes, the fourth daydream followed. In this daydream Mitty was a captain in a war plane facing heavy enemy artillery, Captain Mitty “The cannonading has got the wind up in young Raleigh, sir, “said the sergeant. (Clugston, 2010). Again awakened by his wife, who found him in the hotel “I’ve been looking all over this hotel for you”, said Mrs. Mitty. Asking him did he get all the to get list and what was wrong, she looked at him and said I am going to take your temperature at home. The final daydream followed and Mitty was facing a firing squad bravely. With the lighting of the cigarette Mitty faced the squad proudly and was the Undefeated, inscrutable to the last. After reading this short story I realized every daydream he had was coming from a description of an object he hears. The daydreams Mitty had gone through to me caused all his drifting off to be harmful with his wife. The symbols brought forth failures and being successful to Mitty and yet allowed him to be different people in a very humorous, strange way. When reading this short story that Mrs. Mitty was the one to give orders to what Mr. Mitty needed to do.

Clugston, R.W., (2010). Journey into

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