Short Stories Review Essay

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Parts to this review:
Point of View

I. Setting
The Destructors: around 1948 - 1950 England - London
Little Cloud: 20th century 1920s or maybe 30s Ireland - Dublin
I’m a Fool: 20th century, after WWII USA - southern state
Just Lather, that’s all: early 1900s, during revolution Mexico
A special occasion: modern day - 1960s USA, children’s hospital
Defender of the Faith: May, 1945 Camp Crowder, Missouri, USA
Paul's Case: 1900 - 1920 time frame Boston & New York, USA
The Catbird Seat: 1950s maybe later USA, city, corporate office
The Lottery: circa 20th century, or modern times unknown - Europe or North America
The Enchanted Doll:
Thus I Refute Beelzy: 20th century
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Antagonist: Captain Torres Flat and a little stereotypical: The captain does not show his thoughts or feelings. he is a standard, cruel, brutal army officer bad guy, killing the good revolutionaries. However, he shows a little change is telling the barber that “Killing isn’t easy, is it? You can take my word for that.”
A special occasion
Protagonist: Tommy Round but static. A young boy in a children’s ward at a hospital. We see the social issues that surround him, but he is at the end the way he is at the beginning. He is best left as he is, a child, happy with company, but doing his own thing.
Antagonist: Nurse Flat and Static. She represents the nameless masse of adults that are guilty of what she does - tries to force maturity, adulthood, and social practices upon children too young to understand the significance of these practices. She also belittles the child when he doesn’t comply.
Little Girl - Flat and static. Is only antagonist briefly, as she incurs the anger of Tommy when he is humiliated.
Defender of the Faith
Protagonist: Sgt. Nathaniel Marx Quite round and dynamic. The reader sees his feelings about the war and his role in it, his plans for the future, his reasoning behind feeling sorry for Grossbart. He changes by the end as he gets revenge, learns hard truth about human nature, and realizes that he has actually sent someone to war.

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