Short Story: A Cold Desire

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“1 in every 5 people in Greenland attempts to kill themselves at some point in their lifetimes.” Saying I hadn’t considered it would be a lie but I was used to lying. It was the way it was, when lying seemed like a natural part of life. Rejoice would be found by disguising one’s own misery from one self. You learned how to show no emotion how to live your life like an empty shell yet you felt everything, every degree of cold, every ray of light and every single piece of bliss missing from your life. It was the way it was, before. Not that it was getting any better but though I was unaware of it everything was about to take a sudden turn. It was almost midnight but the sun was still visible and it was as bright as day, it was after all the middle of June. I barely heard the phone ringing even though I was wide awake. When I saw that it was Mary calling and that I had four unanswered messages I responded at once. Before I got the chance to say hello I could hear Mary yelling “Have you seen it?” “Seen what?” I responded urgently. “Mark’s mail!” “What do you mean, what did he say?” I had a hard time grasping what could be so important it couldn’t wait until tomorrow. “He said: I’m sorry.” “You don’t think...” “Yes Dave, I do.” “I’m on my way; I’ll pick you up in no time.” “No need for that, I’m already on my way, I’ll be at your place in less than five minutes.” I practically hurled myself out of the house and to my surprise Mary had already arrived. Whilst I hurried
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