Short Story : ' A Hell Hole '

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Walking out the double doors, Aislinn Foy lifted her head; her wavy, almost light brown hair, cascading silkily down her back. Her dark, brown eyes landing on the door, exiting and making her way out of the nine feet, black gates, as she moved away from the chaos, leaving behind the sight of the big, tedious, four stories building, a place known as school, but in Aislinn 's words, a hell hole. This building is new to Aislinn 's sight, yet it is just like every other school building she had been to in the previous three years. Despite that, Aislinn feels like there is more to Stratford High, not just the school, but there is more to this city. Stratford, Ontario, Canada, Aislinn 's home town. Aislinn knows there is more to this city than it just looks, she feels as if there are many hidden mysteries, mysteries that she feels obliged to find out, and she is determined she will. Aislinn hadn 't been back home since her parents had died, or as she says, murdered, three years ago. But now she 's back, and she 's here to search the truth behind the death of her parents. "Are you just going to stand there, or give me way?" Aislinn turned around to face the annoyed, cocky voice from behind, of course, it could only be the one and only, Jason McCann. A high school popular, quite the mystery himself. Aislinn hadn 't even been at Stratford High for less than a week, yet something about Jason just fascinates her. Maybe it 's his brown yet somewhat blonde hair, spiked up in a quiff
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