Short Story : A Large Flowing Black Gown

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In a large flowing black gown embellished with ornaments of her accomplishments, the young girl walks up to the center of the stage. Standing in the middle of the large auditorium, she embraces the firm handshake in front of her as she is given a document that would grant her access to the next phase of her life. Turning toward the applauding crowd, she sees her friends, loved ones, and boyfriend smiling and cheering in approval. Upon exiting the spotlight, she makes her way back to her seat among her peers and examines the diploma in her hand. Glancing at the text on the page, she fantasizes about what the future holds for her. She sees herself independent from her parents, living with one of her best friends in a beautifully decorated dorm room in the college she has always dreamed of attending. Growing into a successful young woman and achieving the life she had always envisioned for herself, she would claim her spot in the nursing program and marry her boyfriend. Together they would buy their own house and begin a family. Katie Davis had always thought this was the course her life would take. However, she soon comes to realize that God has a different plan for her. Instead, she will find herself 7,750 miles away from her home in Tennessee, and separated from everyone she cares about—her family, friends, and her boyfriend. At the age of twenty-two she will find herself as a single mother of fourteen young children and in permanent residence in Uganda, a country marked by
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