Short Story : A Literary Piece

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A short-short is a peculiar literary piece. It creates a world, full of characters and wonder in under 2,000 words (roughly 7 pages). Most complete fiction stories are hundreds of pages filled with wonder and conflict. The characters are well developed, as are their back stories. The reader is sucked in and dropped in a world created in the mind of the author. In a short-short you must do just that, but instead of starting a reader in the beginning of the timeline you must drop them in the midst of the storyline. There are many do’s and don’ts that must go into writing short-shorts. My first thought was that I would write my short-shorts as flashbacks, but that is nearly impossible to do with the limited word count. A flashback requires you to create the present and then recreate the past with enough detail to keep the reader engaged. Once I came to that conclusion I threw those ideas out. Sadly that left me without any ideas on the type of story that I should create. It wasn’t until I was have a discussion with my significant other that he gave me the idea for my first short story presented in this portfolio. This is a unique story, because I brought in a theme from my poetry portfolio and conceptualized it from a different perspective. I decided that I would write a story about morals, but instead of taking it from the cliched right vs wrong point of view, I would take it from the perspective of someone who thought they were doing right even though the rest of the world
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