Short Story: A Mad Scientist and His Werewolf Experiments

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Liam Baker born from italian mother and british father, and spent his first years in Lancaster, in a wealthy family. The father was a scientist, and often away from home, while the mother, very affectionate towards her son, was a brilliant lawyer which Liam always looked up to. He was indeed a clever and active boy, with a good disposition for the intellectual fields, and took the mother as a model-he was fascinated by her job, and the mother encouraged his passion. The father, on the other hand, was a distant man and not a good paternal figure, even though the little boy did always try to make him proud. Liam grew with all the love he needed thanks to the mother, but when he was twelve a tragic event happened: the father, after an argument, killed the mother, and Liam saw with his eyes the aftermath. Liam was shocked, and he couldn't do much when the father brought him oversea, kidnapping him. Liam, unaware of the father's plans, found himself gathered with other nine children that seemed to be in a similar situation. Reached a laboratory a team of scientist started to study them to start time later a series of inhuman experiments. Submitted to vaccines, contaminations and physical, painful alterations the children found themselves treated like test animal; drained of all his energies and devprived of his freedom, Liam got over the death of the mother only because he couldn't even linger on his thoughts, astonished by what his father was doing to him. The children

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