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Short Story

Today is Friday, October 30th and I’m biking home from school with Calum and Natalia, my best friends. It is a warm and sunny day, well enough to wear my favorite shorts. I am about to turn onto my street when I called out, “See you tomorrow and make sure you don’t come unprepared. We need to give Henry a piece of our minds.”

“Don’t worry, we know,” Calum hollered out to me. “See you tomorrow, Chlo,” they said in sync.

I reached my house and dropped my bruised, blue bike in the middle of my grassy green lawn. My house is an average size, just enough room to fit all four of us in my family. I opened the door and, unanticipatedly, as I began to say ‘I’m home’, I apprehend, “Chloeeeeee,” my three year old sister, Belle, hurried up to me and clings on to my leg, all dressed up in her favorite yellow dress.

“Hello princess Belle,” I say with a smile and bring her up into a hug. “I need to get up upstairs and work on my homework, but I promise I’ll play with you later.”

“Okay. Pinky promise?” she says in her adorable little voice while her blue eyes sparkle with hope.

“Pinky promise,” I replied, not being able to let her down.

I ran upstairs to my plum colored room decorated with posters of my favorite bands and singers. It represents the dork/ geek side of me while my presence shows the girly side of me. My messy bed stood inches from me and I flopped down onto it. It had been a long, tiring day, but I couldn’t bring myself to stop thinking about Henry and how I can’t wait to finally exterminate his bullying act. Everyone knows that his dad hurts him and treats him terribly, but no one could bring themselves to feel sorry because of all the crap he’s done. Everybody is afraid to stand up to him, but my friends and I are strong and could no longer deal with him. Plus, he bet us twenty bucks that we couldn’t go to the intimidating house on Sycamore Street and come out of it okay.

Sick-a-House, which is what everyone calls it, is an old, spooky doctor’s house known to be haunted by every patient that didn’t make it out alive. It is one of the first houses made in my small town, which is over 120 years old. The thing is, the house doesn’t really scare me at all. I have no big fear of anything

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