Short Story : A Story Of The World '

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I look bloody in my reflection. Once I would’ve flinched away, and tried not to look at my face. Now though, I stare closely. The water ripples, and I see a flash of gold.

I hurry to move away.

A goldfish can only mean one thing- we aren’t safe here anymore.

I skid to a halt at a line of the shacks that we call houses. Making my way to he nearest one,I carefully step over a loose step, but forget to duck under the shrub that arcs over it. I wince as it cuts through my skin.

Most people would have given up coming in through the door, and instead tried one of the impossible ways. But I wasn’t most people.

I made an array of sounds, and I was shuffled in, proceeding to be slammed against the wall. The door echoed shut, as I felt
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Real goldfish were a rarity, and most of them were devices used to record by the government. The same government which don’t care about us, who with a flick of a switch killed so many. The very same who took away Europa.

“This is serious, Cherlyan, scout the area for soldiers after you’ve been cleaned up.”
Earl says , who is charge of this sort of stuff.

As I duck into the hall, I hear a Bang!

The screams. The screams make my blood run cold. Then I hear a worried voice. Europa?

I instantly forget about getting bandaged up, and instead run to where my sister’s voice is sounding. Crowds of sick, thin people all head to where the explosion sounded.

I gasp when I see what the small explosion has caused. A lump of unmoving, bloody bodies. I can recognise most of them. Cecil who would comfort anyone who was scared. Carlos who found ways to fix so many things. Tamika who would go head on into battle. Dana who told stupid jokes. Bassima who would tell tales of freedom.

All dead.

Everything goes blurry, as cold tears squeeze out of my eyes.
“Amita!” Someone screams frantically.
I know I should know them, I should answer them, but all I can see is the bodies. The blood. Cecil, Carlos, Tamika, Dan-.
That voice. Its Europa!

I scramble, ducking as people fire. My sister. Who I haven’t seen in years. I sacrificed so much just to see her, and here she is.

I stayed here for her. Who if they found out who my
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