Short Story : A Story

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It was a dark gloomy day. I could hear the rain hitting the window panes. Roger invited me to his house to collect a letter. Something about the house made me feel very uneasy. I noticed a lot of hidden imperfections. There were cracks in the walls and on the floor. It make me feel unsafe. I tried to ignore the eeriness of the house and focus on the letter. I took the letter out of the envelope and began to read it to Roger. As I was reading it out loud I noticed that Roger was not attentive. His eyes were wandering into space. “Roger!”, I said. “Are you even listening?” Right as I said that Roger collapsed to the floor. I ran over to him. I shook him hoping he would wake up but he didn't. I called Madeline over. “Your brother randomly collapsed to the floor. I have no idea what is wrong with him.” “I haven’t being feeling the best lately. I hope he doesn't have catalepsy like I. It is irreversible with no cure. ”, said Madeline. I knew it wasn't a heart catalepsy. It had to have been something much worse. I think he was possessed by an evil spirit. House gave me such an uneasy feeling because it was haunted. Madeline and I tried everything we could think of to try to wake Roger up. We tried performing CPR on him. I was blowing air into his mouth has Madeline was pumping his chest. I was blowing so much air into his mouth that I almost lost my own breath. Just as I gave him his last and final breath before giving up he vomited into my mouth. It was absolutely vile. I was so
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