Short Story : A Story

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“You don’t understand.” Marta had heard Maria whisper, as Fernando pushed her back to see her puffy red face. Marta’s hands had started sweating as a wave of heat enveloped her. She’d felt her eyes widen. Maria had never opposed anything Fernando said.
“One evening Sonia couldn’t take Marta’s wailing no more. Sonia knew Marta was just hungry and I too, was crying. She looked at me and pulled me to her. She hugged me and said she loved me. She said she’d give her life for me and with that, she left. She came back, her tank top ripped from the top, with a can of milk for Marta and bread with chocolate drink tablets for us. She boiled water and put the tablets inside. She boiled water for Marta. We all ate and she gave me money. My sister wasn’t my sister the next morning. I never got her back.” Marta burst out crying again.
“Maria!” Marta had heard Fernando shout, making both Maria and her jump. She’d seen Fernando stand up abruptly. He’d started pacing around the room while brushing his buzzcut hair repeatedly then sat next to her. “You want her to kill our baby like she’d tried to kill her own daughter that time she wanted to throw her in the hole? Is that what you want Maria?” Marta had heard his deep, annoyed voice as his hands had tighten around Maria’s hands when she’d tried to move hers away. His eyebrows had furrow with impatience. “The past is the past. You can’t change it. She had to protect you, like you must protect our child. Do you understand?”
Marta saw how
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