Short Story : A Story

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It was a cool, rainy October night. The wind slightly blowing against shaking trees causing autumn leaves to drift in the air. The rain pitter-pattered on parked cars as if it was a song. The air was still crisp. It was around 11 o’clock at night when Maddie was walking home from her night job at Lucy’s Cafe. She normally took the bus, but tonight she had to close and the buses don’t run that late. She figured it was only a mile, she could just walk home. The sound of the rain got louder, the rain was getting harder and the wind getting more vicious. She knew something was off. She began to hear sounds of puddles being walked through on the sidewalk behind her. She slowly turned around, but no one was there. She speeded up her pace and kept walking forward, determined to get home. She began to hear footsteps on the cold, wet road this time. She quickly put her phone in her hand about to call her mother. She knew someone was behind her. Just as she started to run, she quickly felt a cold rush through her spine. It felt as though she had been turned to ice. Maddie’s legs became weak and she couldn’t stand. Everything went blurry, then black. Maddie’s body was found in the street around 4:30 a.m. by a stranger heading to work early to open the store. The authorities were alerted. It was still dark out when the police cars and ambulances arrived with their red and blue flashing lights. The police came to the scene and started to investigate. There was little to no evidence

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