Short Story About The Crazy Ghost

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“Muhahahaha, with my Ghost Machine I can bring back the dead to haunt this world, once and for all!” Shouted Dr Raggu. “Police! Put your hands up!” The authorities were at the scene. “Prepare to die! For the rest of the world, they will be haunted by ghosts!,” exclaimed the crazy professor. “Hands up drop the weapon!,” the professor had a baby in his hands along with a ray gun. He went to release the ghosts, but something went wrong. “BOOM!” It went up in flames. After the scene all that was found was the baby, no ghosts, the ghosts powers were gone, but the police did not know where, only the baby. “Jack! What the heck are we going to do about the weather. There were no signs of this weather before any of this happened. It has been a month!” Nervously said Nick. Jack responded, “I don’t know, but we are climbing to the top of the building where the weather panel is to find this out.” “Kshhh go to your classes,” said the lady in the intercom. “Those intercoms have been messed up since the weather has been going on. In my Geometry class the water leaks took out our power.” Nick and Jack went up to the door leading to the rooftop, but there was some weird insulation surrounding the edges of the door. Footsteps were heard. “Jack Flame, Nick Harden, what are you doing?” Said the janitor. “Um uhh, our science project from last month is up there.” Jack said with a fake smile. “Well if you open that door it will
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