Short Story : Against The Odds By Pearson Chesley

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Life is like a roller coaster. You will face good and bad, you should always be ready for obstacles such as life-changing obstacles and sacrifices. These three stories will define obstacles that were real life and had to be faced. Coping with an obstacle is very great it can help you with many things to overcome it. To have a great mindset to wanting to achieve that obstacle or get pass it. It can also help with the confidence of the obstacle to wanting to achieve the success. In the passage, “Against the Odds”, Pearson Chesley ‘’sally’’ Sullenberger was an airplane pilot who was flying airplane 1549 at the moment of the devastating tragedy. As he was faced with a life-changing obstacle. While being a pilot something unknown happened minutes later a herd of geese came flying destroying the engines. Soon as the geese flew past the window he knew what was up. As the engines broke down he knew immediately he had the airplane contacting traffic control. When his great leadership had to overcome the fear of the incident. While he had to cope with his obstacle he made the impossible happen. As he knew he wasn’t going to be able to make it to where air traffic departed him. Moments later as time was running out he had to think fast as he thought to land the plane in the Hudson River. As it landed the passengers had little time to get as the seats were feeling with cold water, as they were exiting the vehicle they knew a miracle had happened. As “Sally” saved 150 men, women,

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