Short Story: Amber and Ash

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Getup!” My sister yelled piercing my ears with her high voice. I opened my eyes slowly trying to adjust to the rooms musty lighting and immediately a whiff of something burning had overcome me.Something between a mix of a saturday night campfire that we had every month and the burnt toast that my sister had mastered burning. I wasn’t very fond of the smell, it was too overwhelming and strong. I’m wasn’t one of those people that like the smell of gas or fire. Wait anyway why was something burning? It couldn’t be more than 3:00 in the morning. The sun couldn’t have been up yet. I tried to get my eyes adjusted to the light but I realize there was no light. It’s dark, my sister obviously hadn’t bothered to turn on any light. I tried to look around in the dark but anything that would have been in my sight of vision is blocked by my sisters figure that was leaning over me. I try to look at the window shining in the darkness to see the time of day. Dark as coal like I thought, it wasn’t morning.
“Whats going on! Leave me alone! What time is it?! Go away!” I screeched at my sister like a bird. My name was Ian. I was 15 with the most annoying sister ever. Her name was Amber and she was 13 and 109% snobby. 75% too much, and here I was thinking that she could have been old enough to understand not to wake people up when she couldn’t sleep. I realized that I was wrong as I was in almost everything. She was the average stereotypical girl. Nails as pink as sunrise, skirts,…

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