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A teenage girl steals a positive pregnancy test to trick her boyfriend, but it backfires.
THERESA ISLAND is a short, character-driven, drama that centers on a teenage girl who lies to get what she wants. She learns a valuable lesson about how lies can destroy relationships and friendships. It’s an important message that resonates with the mainstream audience. The story attempts to explore how one lie can impact many people and change their lives.
While the themes and the messages are well appreciated, this short script would benefit from more development. There are structural concerns, especially with the timeline and non-essential scenes. In addition, the story would benefit from more clarification, more character development, as well as stronger and clearer dialogue.
The structure utilizes a non-linear timeline in which the story transitions back and forth in time. It’s not an effective structure for this story. Certainly, the script can open in one time frame, transition back in time to tell the story, and then eventually catch up with the opening. This would work.
However, the current structure seems to flashback numerous times and several years, making it very challenging to follow.
One isn’t always clear what time-period one is in or the ages of the characters because of the time shift. So again, consider, opening in one time-period and then flashing back to another time-period, but then keep the structure or timeline linear until the end. Don’t
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