Short Story Analysis: “a Television Drama”

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Short Story Analysis: “A Television Drama” Plot Summary The short story’s plot begins by introducing the main character Carolee Mitchell. Carolee is in her home doing her daily chores when suddenly she looks out her window to find many policeman, police dogs and police cars outside on her street. Carolee did not know what was happening so she continued on with her chores. In a few moments Carolee notices a young man drenched in blood in her garden outside. Carolee wants to call the police but questions what good it would be considering they are already on her street. She wants to call someone but none of her neighbors were home. Thinking that he was injured and maybe was not even the man the police were after, she looked out the window…show more content…
Setting The story takes place in a neighborhood that i estimate is quite small considering Carolee knows her neighbors are gone. The setting revolves around Carolee’s home. Her doing her chores in her home and the suspect roaming around outside. The setting influences the story a lot because it influences Carolee’s reaction to what happened. She had never seen anything like that in person and it opened her eyes to how society really is. Conflict In the story there are 3 types of conflict, Person vs. Self, Person vs. Society and Person vs. Person. Person vs. Self would come in when Carolee had to decide what she was gonna do. Would she call the police or help the person or just leave well alone. Person vs. Society would be the police force against the suspect. Finally Person vs. Person would be when the suspect shot the other police officer and when he was getting shot at. St.Croix 3 Symbolism I believe that Carolee symbolises many people in our society at the moment. People who are oblivious to what is actually happening and how our society functions. Her reaction to what happened how the police came into her neighborhood and how the man was drenched in blood and was tumbling around showed lack of experience. Like lack of knowledge of what was actually going on. Literary Devices In the story the author used foreshadowing. The foreshadowing came in when Carolee heard the dogs barking. This foreshadowed that something was found or the dogs found someone so
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