Short Story: Bane VS Angel

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The year is 4055, what was call the Earth many years back has changed completely. The countries that once took shape in the world diseased, the borders collapsed and Planet Earth came together as one. All this gigantic earth mass was reunited into one single government, into one single ruler. The ruler came to be known as Bane, the most cruel and powerful human being in earth. You must ask yourself how did such person became so powerful that was able to conquer the whole entire Earth. What we do know is that hatred towards society made him take such actions. Bane in the years 2015 was the most intelligent scientist in earth, he was working to find the cure for cancer. He spend day and night trying to find the cure, he was addicted in working to find the cure in order to save the life of his son who suffered from cancer, many doctors gave him no longer than 5 years to live. Years later Bane finally achieved his goal, he obtain the cure for cancer, his immediate thoughts was to run to his son to give him the cure. But there were people in his society much more powerful than him at that time, they gave him orders, orders that he had to obey. The orders that were giving to Bane was that such cure was only to be obtained by the wealthy, such orders drove the son of Bane to death. Anger grew inside Bane, he couldn’t believe that he fabricated the cure for cancer in order to help his son, but at the end he couldn’t save his life. From this moment on Bane had only one thing in
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