Short Story: Blue Water Middle School

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Ouch!! Watch where you're going little one.
Hi you must be wondering who that is, well it’s me. I am Lily. I am telling you a story about my best friend moving to my new school. Our school is called Blue Water Middle School. Shall we get started?

“Hey, I’m Rose, you must be Violet?” Violet is one of the schools little helper. “Yes I am Violet. Are you the new girl?” Rose is someone who is shy and quiet, but smart. “I am the new girl, and can you help me find room 210?” Room 210 is an abandoned room that no one has been in for at least 20 years. “ 210?” In room 210 there was an accident. “Yeah room 210. Is there a problem?” Rose doesn’t know what happened to the school but she will find out.
“Umm, sorry I don’t know
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“Umm, well thanks for catching me. Now that we met do you think you could show me room 210?” Rose asked Dean and saw his face go straight into fear mode. “ Room 210? No one has been in that room for at least 20 or more years.” Dean was shaking like he was shocked by a taser. “ That’s where all my classes are. Why haven’t anyone been in that room for 20 years? Is it haunted or something? Rose didn’t actually think anything happened. She thought they were pulling a prank on her until Dean pulls her into an empty room. “ You are not going into that room without me, Okay.” Rose was starting to get scared as Dean started acting more seriously. “ What’s wrong with room 210? What happened in there?” Rose was shaking like Dean was. “ Someone was doing an experiment for science in there, and it got out of hand and the who class room started on fire. So the person died in there along with all the supplies.” Fear took over Rose as Dean told her the truth about room 210. Ring! The bell goes off. Dean grabs ahold of Rose’s hand and takes her to room 210. They look at the burned up room. It did look like a fire took place there. “ How did the fire get started?” Rose wanted to know everything about what happened in that creepy room. “ Are you sure this is where your classes are?” Dean wasn’t sure if there could be any classes in room 210. “ Yeah, I’m sure. Look at my schedule.” Rose handed Dean her schedule and Dean started
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