Short Story Chapter 1

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Sah’ra paced back and forth in her room—lost in her thoughts. She had been a member of a previous security detail. Through that experience, she was one of the few who understood the danger humans posed to the other galaxies. As a result, she ended up stuck in a quandary—should she keep silent and let things be or should she head over to speak with Ga’ruk and offer up her expertise? She sighed. It was not going to be an easy decision. “I’m going to leave it up to fate,” she voiced aloud. “If my coin lands on heads, I will keep silent. If it lands on tails, I will go speak with Ga’ruk.” She reached for her lucky coin on her nightstand, flicked it up, and followed the coin’s progression. She closed her eyes as the coin hit the ground and…show more content…
“Please, call me Sah’ra. Thank you for meeting with me on short notice,” she said as she gazed around his office, pausing briefly on the unorganized stacks of paper on his desk and surrounding chairs. Ga’ruk followed along with her gaze and observed piles of documents strewn all over his office. “Sorry about the mess. It has been a wild day and half. I have been far too busy reading reports. I must not let this next mission be deemed a failure,” he said as he moved to clear some papers off of a chair. “Please have a seat.” “Thank you,” Sah’ra said. “Thank you for all the help you have given me. I have been able to access everything I need without impediment,” Ga’ruk said as he continued to move papers around. “You’re welcome. Do let me know if you require access to anything that you aren’t approved for. I’ll do my best to get ahold of it for you.” “Will do. Anyhow, what brings you to the security detail’s headquarters today?” When he didn’t get a response, Ga’ruk stopped what he was doing and gazed in Sah’ra’s direction. He noticed that she was reading some of the documents he had left on a nearby chair. He watched with interest as Sah’ra flipped through the pages and sighed. “Captain Ca’luc’s sacrifice was an enormous loss for us all. I’m sure you understand more than most the significance of his loss. Sadly, it’s a pity not many understand the significance of his loss,” Sah’ra began. “Thankfully, he left behind plenty of

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