Short Story : Chapter 1

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“Shut up Ron!” she quietly yelled, smacking him in the back of the head. “Sorry” he said. “Where is it?” THUD “We’re almost there, Ron. Just wait.” Katherine chuckled. Ron, a solid build for 25 year old, picked himself off the tiny bush. They tiptoed through dead brush around a forgotten path, lit by pale moonlight. The trees looked like death and the air was dry and empty, filled with silence. No birds chirping, no crickets, no wind in the leaves, only the crackle of dead weeds beneath their feet. Through the shadows of the forest stood two trees different from the rest, yet so subtle it’s almost invisible to see if you don't know what to look for. Two small branches at shoulder height, one coming from each of the trees, linked…show more content…
Wind howled like a hurricane; leaves, bushes, and rock flew through the air, stinging Ron's back. He looked toward Katherine and all he could make out was her silhouette as blurry blobs flew by her. He remembers seeing a darkness sweep across everything, seemingly being eaten by the trees. And then nothing. Chapter One “Happy birthday Kari!” her parents come barging in her room blowing kazoos and singing happy birthday in their bad parent singing voices. “Can’t I just sleep!?” Kari mumbles rolling over and pulling the pillow over her head. Little footsteps thudded through the noise of kazoos and signing and Jonny comes jumping on his big sister. “Get up sissy! We have so much adventuring to do.” He sat on her shaking her shoulders with his whole body. Kari just lays there lifeless, without a stir. And with a quick turn Johnny's all wrapped up in a big hug and getting his guts out tickled out. Jonny struts down a big mossy log in his classic Indiana Jones shirt and hat with his blue backpack. The jacket is very loose, hanging around his short 8 year old body. The fedora sinks all the way down to his furry eyebrows. Kari comes up next to him walking on the ground and Jonny jumps onto her shoulders. Kari is wearing her polka dot rain boots, though one probably couldn’t tell through all that mud. Sloshing through the mud, singing “I Would Walk 500 Miles.” When Jonny was younger, Kari would always take Jonny on adventures in the dangerous

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