Short Story Chapter 1

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The silvery domes extended with cautious reluctance as if sensing their master's weakness, and Tom grimaced as he clamped his hands to the cold metallic surfaces, immediately looking towards the viewscreens. "Hub. I want a display of all parties in this pursuit and their current locations." The grisly image on the main viewscreen faded. Instead, one of Phelps and Umonakalisi in the stairwell replaced it. They descended flights of steps in an agitated rush, seeking out a new route to catch Lycia and Tensai. Tom brought up the schematics of the damage and was shocked to see it extended through multiple decks, but brushing his concerns aside, he mapped a route to Hanger G and then called to Phelps. "Phelps. Descend four more levels. Then when…show more content…
One person could be blamed for their predicament. Everything. Especially Wallace's death. He clenched his jaw, and as if sensing his rage, both Tensai and Lycia jumped to their feet, staring with wild, terrified eyes at their surroundings. Tom smiled. In his anger, he'd sealed all the stairwell exits. He felt an unexpected glee as he watched their discomfort, but then, seeing the danger, they both rushed in a downward spiral towards the hangar deck. At each new level, Lycia tried the doors. They remained locked, and Tom found it only fueled his maniacal delight. "What the hell are you doing down here?" The angry challenge broke his concentration, and he shifted his attention back to the centre screen. Phelps stood rigidly, his weapon raised, his gaze fixed on a point further along one of the Science Lab's corridors. Tom panned the camera, and then froze. Recovering in an instant, he twisted in his chair, looking over his shoulder, first left, then right and was shocked to find Moira and Rodge had both left the bridge undetected. "What's going on?" Tom called, and his voice boomed from the corridor's intercom. "We're rescuing Wallace," Moira announced with confidence, but her voice was cracking with fear. "Wallace is dead!" "We'll let The Hub be the judge of that," Rodge responded. His tone was defiant, but Tom could see the panic on his face, and as he stared into the camera lens,

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