Short Story Chapter 1

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Alona was taking deep breaths as they flew through the air.

Now was the time. She couldn't think. She wasn't ready.

Her life had been a series of moments that she wasn't ready for.

She looked at her hands, they shook as they laid in her lap. She gripped her knees, hoping no one saw.

Arlo, who was sitting next to her, reached his hand over and placed his hand on hers. She looked up at him. His eyes were soft, in moments like this he always surprised her. She could see in his eyes that he loved her too. She didn't need his words, she had that look in his eyes. It was undeniable.

He pulled back his hand and gripped the straps over his chest, preparing to unbuckle.

They had arrived. They hovered silently around the building.

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"Pull this strap when I tell you." Arlo yelled over the wind whipping through the ship, as he pointed to a strap with a red band.

She nodded in response.

"You're clear." The co-pilot yelled.

Alona stepped to the edge, looking down, she couldn't see the ground only darkness.

"Alona I-" Arlo said, stopping short.

She looked back up, seeing his expression she replied, "I know." She said smiling. She already knew he loved her.

He looked down for a brief second, then held up three fingers. As he counted down, Alona tried to slow her breathing.

"Let's go!" He yelled jumping from the ship.

Alona followed. She squinted as the air blew past her face. She was immediately happy Pasha had braided her hair, if she hadn't Alona's hair would've been blown all over the place.

"Now!" Arlo yelled, pulling his strap at the last moment.

Alona pulled her strap sending her free falling inside the broken window. She rolled as she landed, hoping she didn't break anything.

Inside the room, Nik and Feliks were gone. Nadia and Vlad stood at the door. Vadik was looking out the window, making sure they weren't spotted.

Pasha checked on Alona, "You okay?" She asked helping her up.

"Yeah, I'm good." Alona replied, checking to see if she broke her rifle.

Arlo glanced at her then nodded to the door, "We've got 3 minutes before they now we're here." He had landed on his feet of course, "Let's move."

Alona thought they had 5 minutes before the Castle Guard would
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