Short Story : Chapter 1

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Kylo had returned to his sanctum, his personal quarters. A great many thoughts and emotions were swirling around in the Commander's mind. Far more than he could voice in a single conversation. He was excited beyond words to have finally found a way to destroy the Rebellion, excited to see just how strong Zyra were and could be. But all of that excitement were overshadowed by other emotions, new emotions. Desire. Lust. Attraction. New emotions that had surfaced only hours previous, when he felt the warmth of another being finding it's way to his very core. Just being near his new apprentice sent shivers down his spine. It fueled him, fueled his power. He could feel himself more powerful now than yesterday just because of a few short but…show more content…
But another thought replaced the one that had kept him company for so long. "I'll come to you," the voice continued. 'Not if I find you first' the Commander thought to himself as he stood back up.

Using her beautiful voice as guidance, Kylo moved through the ship at a quickened pace. All who got in his way knew Kylo well enough to quickly step out of it. So despite the distance between the two, he closed it quickly. Desire and lust were the fuel that drove him towards his goal.

Eventually, the robed figure found himself standing just beyond the room where his apprentice were showering. It was currently unused aside from the lone figure within. Slowly, and as silent as a shadow, Kylo walked through the doorway and down the hall of lockers. The sound of water splashing filled the room and helped mask his booted footsteps as he move closer. Opening his mind to her once more, Kylo called out in an unspoken voice to the woman showering right infront of him. I'm here. was the only words spoken before the fully armored and robe figure took a single step forward, entering the small stall that Zyra had found for herself.

Driven by a single desire, he allowed his gloved hand to wrap around the pristine, creamy skin of Zyra's neck in a tight grip as he pressed himself into her form. He didn't care that his robes and armor were getting wet, to be honest, at this moment he didn't care about anything or
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