Short Story: City Of The Fallen

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Jason, upon arriving at the portal to the Dead Realm, leaped down, landing in a tumble to dampen the impact of his fall. This was a place where those who died went to live until they were called for judgement; a temporary respite before the coming light or fire. He quickly traversed the familiar caverns filled with the glow of friendly spirits flitting here and there and arrived at what used to be the City of the Fallen, now known as Limbo (the Council thought it was easier to say and far less ominous). The shade, Jason’s parasitic roommate in his head, appeared beside him. It wasn’t actually there, however, due to the fact that the thing after 84 years finally started to weaken the magical detective, it could project an image that only…show more content…
The only way it could be any better is if the anti-vaccine nuts actually won out and the Bubonic Plague came back with a vengeance.”
Jason chuckled,“are you implying that all that’ll happen?”
Skully shrugged,“no clue. What I do know is that humans are an unpredictable lot. If it does, I’m retiring early.” “You guys can retire?”
“No. We just get disassembled for some snot nosed band brat and his xylophone. Of course we get retirement! We just go live up above. How do you think Sully and his passengers lived through that crash? There happened to be a retired reaper taking a flight on that plane. Needless to say, the big guy was pissed at that, but, his company, his policy.” Skully brought out a file and placed it in front of Jason,“here, your next case.” The spell sword thumbed through the file,“a
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