Short Story : ' Damn ! '

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“Damn!” Greg Watson slammed his hands against the steering wheel as the car sputtered and drifted to a stop. The sounds of lose gravel crunched under slowing wheels. In the bright moonlight he looked over at his friend Dave passed out in the passenger seat from having one to many beers at the club they had spent most of the night partying. He nudged Dave once, and received a sleeping snort and Dave turned more on his side facing away from Greg. “Just great!” He tried turning the key and starting the engine, but all he got was a click. He pulled the hood release, and reached under his seat to retrieve the flashlight that he always kept there for emergencies much like this. He got out of the car and raised the hood and set the hood prop in place, then began to shine his light over the engine, hoping to just find a lose wire. He knew practically nothing about engines, and Dave was passed out and would be of no help even though he had worked in an auto garage through his college years. Greg turned and stood for a moment looking across the moonlit farmland. The damp smell of fresh turned earth and fertilizer assaulted his senses. A nice country smell, that was clean and crisp in the night. A frog in the nearby ditch croaked and another across the road answered. Not a house or car were to be seen for miles. The farmland stretched away from him in a flat stretch that ended in a shadowy edge, setting a base for the night sky. He looked around, and dug out his
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