Short Story : ' Dance ' By Elisha Cooper

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Amber Doniere
‘Dance’ by Elisha Cooper

Activity 1:
Activity 2:
Activity 3:
Activity 4:

This book is about how one dance comes together, from beginning to end, from choreography to opening night. The author offers paintings and thoughtful placement of words regarding his observations of dancers as they perfect their moves. The book ends with the curtain going up during a performance. This book is ideal for anyone who wants a preview of what goes on behind the scenes of dancing.

Grade level Equivalent: 4.2 (

This book would be a great informational text for fourth graders. The text is straightforward, made up mostly of Tier I words, and is supported by illustrations. While not overly challenging, it is an engaging text and would be a good springboard into other lessons. This book would also be great for teaching Tier 2 and Tier 3 words related to dancing. I would plan to initially do a read aloud lesson with the book and then have students read the book themselves. Then, we would do the following activities.

Area of Focus: PE (PE.4.MS.1.2 Create movement skill sequences commonly associated with various sports and activities.)

Materials Needed & Classroom Management Reminders
Hand Drum; CD player; creative dance music; Essay writing steps poster; Outline of class composition.
Grouping Format: (Whole class, small groups, partners, independent)

Whole class

Activating Strategy/Mini Lesson : Teacher

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