Short Story : ' Dear Boss ' Letter Essay

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In the same issue, The Evening News also mentions the contents of the “Dear Boss” letter, but also a postcard, sent to the Central News Agency on October 1st, and also claiming to be written by Jack the Ripper. As previously mentioned, September 27th was the first time the name Jack the Ripper was used. Hundreds more letters were sent to both the press and the police. The Evening News speculated, “it is not necessarily assumed that this has been the work of the murderer, the idea that naturally occurs being that the whole thing is a practical joke.” Many newspapers considered the letters hoaxes written by members of the public. The postcard that arrived at the Central News Agency on October 1st was received before the double murder was made known to the press, supporting the notion that the Ripper himself sent the postcard. However, the postcard’s authenticity is still questionable, because a citizen could have found out about the murders before the morning paper was distributed. The postcard reads: I was not codding dear old Boss when I gave you the tip, you 'll hear about Saucy Jacky 's work tomorrow double event this time number one squealed a bit couldn 't finish straight off. ha not the time to get ears for police. thanks for keeping last letter back till I got to work again. Jack the Ripper The postcard references the “Dear Boss” letter both in content and in the similar address to the reader as “dear old boss”. This, along with a similar writing style, suggests
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