Short Story : ' Dream Journal '

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Dream journal summary I have to say, keeping a dream journal has been the toughest and most frustrating assignment that I have ever experienced. From what dreams I did manage to remember I would say that dreams, my dreams, are normally on the verge of a nightmare. I had the most impossible time remembering my dreams over these past ten weeks, which is clear in my very few journal entries. Trying to remember my dreams led me to an internet “goose chase”, to say the least. Most of the tips that I read were: keep a pad of paper by my bed, allow myself to remember my dream, lay in bed shortly after waking and to not wake with an alarm. As a mother of three I have no choice but to wake by an alarm. Regardless, something that I read really made me want to remember my dreams; on article stated that those that remember their dreams are more in control of and in tune with their waking world. Back to the dreams in question, there was always a running theme to my dreams which was fear. Fear of isolation, fear of failure, infidelity or loss; it is for these reasons that I say that my dreams are borderline nightmares. There was once a time in my life that I thought dreams could be prophetic; in light of our reading I can see that is really not normally the case. Dreams are the brain working out the events of the day or possibly past events locked in the subconscious while you sleep. I can see how those people that are able to recall and examine their dreams would be better in control
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