Short Story : ' Entertaining Angels '

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Nichole Berkheimer
LAS 492
Professor Marci
December 12, 2016
Dorothy Day The film, Entertaining Angels, shows the life of Dorothy Day. She is an editor, religious figure, women’s right activist, anti-war activist and journalist. She grew up living a bohemian lifestyle and then she became Catholic. She was an activist that worked for social causes as pacifism and women’s suffrage through the prism of the Catholic Church. She was a co-founder of The Catholic Workers; it is a newspaper that promotes Catholic teachings. Day was involved in the Catholic Workers Movement that looked at issues of social justice. In addition, Day opened her home to help others in need. According to Aristotle and Ashe, Dorothy Day would be considered a good woman. Day is a courageous woman because she was faced with poverty and dispute and that did not stop her from helping others around her. During the film it showed Dorothy being poor herself. She was working doing any job she could get and living with families in exchange for doing domestic work in their home. She was so focused on making changes that she never let her poverty status affect her. When she opened her home to all the poor people that needed help she put all of her money she made towards helping them. She was a strong woman for giving all she had to the Catholic Workers because at this time many Catholics were poor. Dorothy Day was shamed by the cardinal and other Catholics. The cardinal went to Day and told her she needed to
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