Short Story : Everyday Use Mama

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In, Alice Walkers, Everyday use mama is waiting around for her daughter Dee to arrive. Here we learn a little about herself and her daughter Maggie, but we hear a lot about Dee; who seems to be very praised. Still Mama knows that Maggie will be uneasy during her sister’s visit, she still imagines her reuniting with her daughter just like on television. Mama starts to remember their life, how Maggie got her scars in the fire, and sending Dee off to school and coming back forcing her beliefs on everyone. Mama wants this to go great and wants her daughters to get along until she meets Dee’s boyfriend and sees her new appearance. After everything starts to get a little better, Dee asks her mom for special quilts from her trunk, which upsets Maggie as she storms off. This is when Mama defends the use for the quilts which is really the right thing to do because Dee does not understand her mother wants Maggie to have them because she doesn’t know the meaning behind them, while Dee argues that she should learn more about her heritage, African-American heritage. Mama finally got to see that her heritage is in, Maggie not Dee. Everyday Use symbolizes their family heritage. The quilts are a part of their family’s heritage because they were made by the mama, her sister, and her mother, who used clothing worn by generations of family members instead of fabric they bought because they were not wealthy. The quilts were a way of bonding which signifies Africans Americans who lived during
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