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"We been walking forever." Obi complaining. Zen turn around ready to yelled at him like her did three time when they got in the forest. "WE JUST TAKE A BREAK FIVE MINUTE AGO. WE HAVE TO FIND SHIRAYUKI. HAVE YOU FORGOT SHE PREGNANT WITH MY CHILD. I WILL NOT REST UNTIL WE FIND HER." Zen yelled, looking at Obi. "Zen but it getting dark and we need to go back before it get to dark. It will not be any good if we can't see where we going. "Mitsuhide said, looking at Zen. Zen give up. "Find let go back." Zen said, eating a apple he found a while ago. "Hey where did you get that apple. "Obi complaining, watch Zen eating the apple. "On the apple tree." Zen said with a little of a smartass comments. Obi looked at Mitsuhide who was looking at…show more content…
She pick it up and saw it was Zen sword. Then she looked up and saw Pillow and blanket scatter all over the beach. same of their stuff washed up on the beach. She put Zen's sword around her hips and pick up same pillow and blanket. She walked back to drop those thing off and back and find Mitsuhide and Kiki's swords. She pick up their sword and saw a tent in a big bag. She grab that too and walked back to her area that she is staying at. She set up the ten and up two pillow and a blanket in it to back a bed. Toto lay on one of the pillow and she love the soft pillow. Shirayuki put Kiki, Mitsuhide, and Zen sword by the bed. The tent was to small. Shirayuki got in the bed and put the cover over her body. She lay her head down on the pillow. The minute her head hit the pillow she passed out. Back to Zen, Obi, Mitsuhide, and Kiki... They just got done eating after Obi and Mitsuhide catch same fish. Zen stand up and walked over to the same place when he saw the fire. "I can see it. I think we have to go and find her to night it the only way to find her. "Zen said, grab a thick stick to light it to make a torch. Mitsuhide, Kiki, and Obi did the same. each have there only torch. Kiki put out the fire and follow after Zen. Mitsuhide and Obi follow after Kiki. After a half hour they got closer to the fire. Zen saw the fire, a tent, shelter, and three baskets that was by the shelter. Zen step out of the forest when he Toto starting barking like crazy.
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