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Once inside there were all sorts of military people roaming around the place. One of them brought two cups of tea to them as they sat down at a table. Lincoln instinctively took a sip. How did they know he liked his tea black and hot and that he detested coffee? Michelle must have told them. “Well Sugar, what happened?” Michelle did not muck around when it came to getting information. “Before I say anything, could you do me a favour?” Lincoln was ever cautious. “Sure. What is it?” “You see that jug over there. I want you to break it over my head.” Lincoln explained. He could see the horrid look on Michelle’s face. “I know this sounds absurd but trust me, I’m begging you. Please do it and I’ll explain everything afterwards.” Slowly Michelle…show more content…
In particular about his brain injury, his falling in and out of reality and how the warehouse was a centre for humanitarian aid not weapons. For an hour, Michelle sat dumbfounded. She listened intently, even getting one of the other people to turn on a recording device so they got it all down. When Lincoln finally finished, Michelle had a more relaxed look on her face. She now had some explanation as to why she had to clobber him with the jug. Lincoln finished in an almost apologetic tone. “Look Turtle. I don’t even know if I am currently in reality or having yet another illusion? If I’m in an illusion, it’s the best one yet. I get to see you again as I remember you. You weren’t too cooperative back at the warehouse. I know you kept me safe there. That’s why I returned there those times. Were you working undercover?” Michelle looked totally surprised. “Ah, Sugar, I’ve never set foot in that warehouse. Whoever you were trying to crack onto, it wasn’t me! I’ve been in Afghanistan for the last five years on assignment. I was called in after the first rescue attempt failed.” Lincoln remembered the first raid on the warehouse. He had originally concluded that had to be real. Or at least parts of it. But one thing he did put down to illusion was the part where he thought the raiders were actually military. So that must mean that part was real! Which means a lot of what he thought was real may have really been a fantasy. His world was starting to turn

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