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“Hi, my name’s Megan and I’m with the school newspaper. Could I ask you a couple of questions?” I was appalled. “What do you mean I’ll be saying that?” I asked my teacher incredulously. “That’s how you’ll introduce yourself when you’re out interviewing people for your stories,” Mrs. Gee, my journalism teacher replied. “That’s what a newspaper is all about!” My face must’ve shown my disbelief because Mrs. Gee chuckled and gave me a pat on the back. “I promise it isn’t that bad,” she said reassuringly, but I wasn’t convinced. Joining the school newspaper was already a bit out of my comfort zone since I had never written anything much outside of English class, but I figured it would be okay because I could communicate with other people…show more content…
Her eyes lit up and she began to describe the challenges she had set for herself and the connection she felt with the charity she had chosen. The enthusiasm in her words was contagious, and I found my vise-like grip on my pen lessening as my interest started increasing. I ditched my pre-planned list of questions and instead, I asked about about how she got the idea, learned about what obstacles she had faced, and laughed along with her as she shared anecdotes about moments that had made the event memorable. I got so caught up in the conversation that I eventually ditched taking notes, too, completely forgetting that I would eventually need them to write my story. At the end of the evening, I had talked to performers, other organizers, and audience members. Each time I started with a twisty gut, sweaty palm feeling, but I would walk away with a huge chunk of storage on my phone taken up from recording the lengthy conversation and barely any notes because I didn’t want pause to write and end up missing what they were saying. I’ve come to realize that my favorite part about interviewing for a story is getting to learn about new topics, events, or viewpoints every time I go out and speak to someone. Because I enjoy covering a variety of different stories, I’ve had to speak to many different people in my community. I interviewed an assistant principal about student schedules, and I

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