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My face is pressed up against the cool glass. Beads of sweat collect on the back of my neck and on the palms of my hands, from excitement and nervousness. I stare out at the billions of stars in the galaxy, but I'm only looking for one. A heavy sigh, escapes from my lips. I can vividly remember the forbidden photos, of the mysterious planet. The greens and blues are what I remember the most. There was white and brown too. Others of the photos showed the land, green and blue, pink, and purple. The photos are so very precise, you could see the droplets of water on the leafs of trees, and yellow, brown sap trickling down the body of a tree or the slight flutter of a butterfly wing. The colors are bright, the flowers are glistening, everything…show more content…
There was nothing they could do about her blindness. When Mother and Father took her home for the first time she explodes in screams and tears, they didn't know what to do to calm her down. In the mist of my parent's headache, they turned on some music, they turned on Beethoven most popular symphony, No.5. This calmed her down immediately, a so because an earthy man calmed down an alien child, she was named after him. Bee did eventually grow out of her blindness which was a miracle, and when she did she learned to play the piano. Bee and I always loved watching old Earthian movie like Clueless, Home Alone, and of course 1992, family comedy and drama movie Beethoven centered around a cute St. Bernard puppy. Come on everybody loves puppies. Except maybe, Bee and that's about it. "Can’t, you wait till we get there" she says with a dreamy sigh. "No. I can't wait." I say with slight annoyance. "I've been waiting for this my whole life. We've given up our lives for....... for this." I say with a smile as I turn my body towards her, where both laying on our side now staring at each other "I'm out of my mind ecstatic, right now!" My smile widens as I speak " We're going to see grass Bee! GRASS!" I shout. "Out of the ground! That so exciting!" I'm practically screaming now but I don't care. Just then Father comes in the room "What going on in here" he says, with a stern look on his face. It doesn't suit him at all. His strings of gray-streaked brown hair lay down on
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