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Once There was a boy named Isaiah who played a lot of sports and was traveling to watch his favorite team play. Then he gets on the train and realised that he forgot to bring extra money for a place to stay. Once he arrives at his stop he starts to look for a cheap place to stay. Finally he finds a place to stay. He walks in and ask “can i have a room?”. The man behind the desk said “there are no rooms left”.

Then Isaiah walked out of the Hotel and saw another hotel that wasn't that big.He goes to see if there any rooms open, Isaiah walks in and asked “how much for a room”. The man behind the desk said “20 dollars a night”. Isaiah thought that the prices were cheaper than the other hotel. Then Isaiah decided to stay at the hotel he was
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Cody was not moving so isaiah ran down the stairs and outside the hotel and realised that he was dead. Isaiah was panicking and hid his body in the dumpster and took his money back. Isaiah went to his game and didn't enjoy at all he just couldn't even watch the game without the thought he killed someone. He went back to his hotel and started packing for tomorrow but the isaiah remembered he doesn't have enough money to get home.

Isaiah was looking for a job to earn him 10 dollars to get home and isaiah was looking at a flyer that read “cody a 13 year old boy was killed by a boy who name Isaiah he is about 13 ”. Isaiah dropped the flyer after seeing his picture. He keeped looking for a job and found a job at a restaurant and it paid 50 dollars a week. Isaiah walked in and asked “ can i get a job here”the man said “yes talk to our boss in the back over there (as he pointed at the bosses door). Isaiah walked in and said “can i get a job?” The boss said “yes see me tomorrow at 9:00 AM”. Isaiah walked out and start walking down a alleyway. Isaiah got tired and saw a dirty mattress. He laid down and fell asleep. When he woke up it was 8:50 AM so he started to run to his job and when he made it he could see that he had 5 minutes left. He walked in and asked the boss “what do i do?”. The boss said “you are a waiter”. Isaiah quickly put on his uniform and got to work.

After three days isaiah had a day off so he went
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