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If. If this, if that. If not for that, I'd have had it in the bag. "I'd have won if he didn't topdeck raigeki." Ramram in the grave and a whiptail in hand and you choose to summon drident with your chakanine. If he didn't have raigeki though! Yeah I guess your double drident wins if he didn't have raigeki but he had no board wipes in his grave and you go for it anyway. "If he didn't have honest!" as you sit there with dimensional prison in hand. Yeah, good on ya. If. Be honest with yourself. Is losing ever your fault? Nah, can't be. Your opponent is always the luckiest guy on the planet. That's just the way it is, everyone is always luckier than you. And they never deserve any of the wins they get. Just a shame people like you and me can't…show more content…
I call this shadow Bruce. I read this article once (okay a lot of times) that was written in 2001 by John F. Rizzo and he was an MtG player but that's basically the same as yugioh for this so whatever. And he wrote about a man called Bruce. Bruce was a born loser who would drop every match of every game to everyone and he would always find every excuse in the book to justify why he lost. Even though the harsh reality is that he lost because he needed to lose to learn his lesson. Yeah I'm a copycat. Sue me.…/2005_Stuck_In_The_Middle_Wit… Just take the time to read this. Then take the time to read it again and learn why every word of it describes you to the core and maybe you'll understand why you lose. Or maybe you won't. I know it took me a good three or four times to ever understand what it was really about but once you understand it you start to realize just how much it applies to every aspect of your life and why you constantly doom yourself to failure: Because. You. Deserve it. You lose because you have to, because you need to. Because you make yourself lose to teach yourself a lesson and absolutely drill it in your head that that's what you're destined to do. And boy does it work. You know, I got into a lot of
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