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"Try again, who trained you over at slenders?...your style and skills are horrible" You growled and lashed out at the boy who stood in front of you with a knife wielded in their hand. The person simply dodged and kicked in the back of your legs,making you fall back onto the muddy grass that you were training on. "well, didn't get much training, I went a bit crazy" You spoke slowly looking up at Liu. Ever since you tried to escape, Trender assigned for you to always be with Liu and he would be the one to train you. Liu always gave you a challenge which you liked. Liu hummed and got into a fighting position "Show me what you really are...I know you're hiding something". You sighed and got up from off the ground, you knew he was talking…show more content…
You tried to keep your mind clear and ignore the fact now that Liu was bleeding and his blood was falling onto the forest floor. You had some deep cuts as well all over your body,but you couldn't feel them. But you need to get away. Liu laughed and threw this knife off to the side somewhere letting his eyes grow even more. Something wasn't right Liu's laugh got deeper and his voice started to change. It was his evil side, well that's what you call it. This was your only chance to get away, you've seen this before with Liu whenever he get's angry he let's Sully out from inside of him. You have only been at the mansion for a bit over a week and what you learn so far about every is a lot. You laughed a bit and crossed your arms "it's nice to meet you sully" you say placing a large grin on your face. Sully tilted his head and nodded "I'll have fun killing you..." he whispered before running straight at you with the blood lust in his eyes. Once he was close enough,you dodged his attack and took off into the forest. You didn't care to look back and kept on running. You could hear the sound of someone calling out our name but you drowned out everything around you and kept running. "I won't last much longer...." The voice spoke in your head. You growled and kept on running but eventually, the energy in your body slowly went away bringing you back to your old self. But before you knew it your foot got snagged under a tree's root

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